SExT: Sex Education by Theatre partners with CANFAR and goes on tour to educate Canadian youth about HIV prevention

A member of the ASC! research team, Shira Taylor's Sex Education by Theatre (SExT) is going to be touring the country, going to Canada's most HIV affected areas 

“Over the past four years, SExT’s culturally and gender diverse group of peer educators have inspired youth to celebrate their unique identities and to make healthy decisions. Partnering with CANFAR to expand our national reach will create exciting opportunities for cultural exchange and demonstrate the power of theatre to activate diverse communities and tackle public health concerns,” says Taylor.

This partnership between CANFAR and SExT will be the first of its kind and will directly reach youth in the most relevant communities that are disproportionately affected by HIV. The majority of new HIV infections in Canada occur within Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan, where the rates of HIV prevalence are twice the national average.

Starting on May 7th, the group will perform in three high schools in Kapuskasing, Ontario, reaching over 230 youth, followed by a 12-day tour in northern Saskatchewan on May 21st, where they will perform in 12 communities, reaching over 30 schools/reserves and over 2,500 youth. “CANFAR is directly going into communities where it has never gone before. Our partnership with SExT will ensure educational opportunities for those young Canadians who urgently need this type of education,” says CANFAR President and Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Winters.

Find out more here at the SExT website!