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Description Type Discipline Country

Our vision is to see people of all ages and social parameters participating in various art projects, within and for communities. Participants express themselves while believing that the uniqueness of an individual lays in the diversity of the whole. They gradually build a consensus through a bottom-up process, and agree that a rich culture is one nourished by all social strata.

Organization Dance Palestinian Territory

Yolé!Africa is a non-profit organization promoting peace through art and culture as well as operating as a platform for exchange. Yole!Africa's objective is to empower young people to see themselves as agents capable of thinking critically and acting non-violently to shape their own realities; and to stand against all forms of exploitation and violation of human rights.

Organization Multidisciplinary Congo (Kinshasa)
York University

York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies and Fine Arts jointly offers the Community Arts Practice (CAP) certificate. The CAP certificate can be completed full-time by undergraduate and graduate students. The certificate can also be completed part-time by non-university students with relevant experience and/or training. 

Training and Education Multidisciplinary Canada
Youth Art Connection (YAC)

Positive Change Through the Power of The Arts: Every YAC program is aimed at working with youth to create lasting positive change (personal and community-wide) through activating the power and appeal of various art forms, and the human passion that always accompanies quality art-making.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Youth Arts Program, Youth Action Northern Ireland

The performing and allied arts allow young people to develop not just artistically but also personally and socially. All of our unique programmes allow young people to both explore and develop a sense of who they are and give them the opportunity to develop themselves to their full potential as artists and young people. Our issue-based programmes also allow them to discuss and explore theirs views and beliefs in issues that affect their lives and the community in which they live. These programmes help give them a voice within their community and help them achieve their status and equal and active citizens.

Organization Theatre United Kingdom
Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta - Sistema (YONA-Sistema)

Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta - Sistema (YONA-Sistema) is a program offered by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.  This program is modeled on the ground-breaking El Sistema project in Venezuela which uses music for social change and teaches the values of unity, harmony, and mutual compassion.

Organization Music Canada
Youth Speaks

Through the intersection of arts education and youth development practices, civic engagement strategies, and high quality artistic presentation, Youth Speaks creates safe spaces that challenge young people to find, develop, publicly present, and apply their voices as creators of societal change.

Organization Theatre United States

Mission: Designing environments hospitable to participatory musical experiences for cross-cultural encounters, musical learning, and for finding others across the music scene.

Organization Music United States
Zip Zap Circus School

The mission of Zip Zap Circus School is: To take "ordinary" kids (including "youth-at-risk") and provide them with the resources to develop skills, through the medium of Circus Arts, that will develop them as young leaders, good citizens, ambassadors for South Africa, and make them eminently employable; to provide innovative cutting edge professional training and entertainment thereby providing opportunities for youth to fulfill their potential and contributing to the growth of a healthy nation; and, to form mutually beneficial partnerships with our funders and others who wish to be associated with Zip Zap.

Organization Theatre South Africa
Zoukak Theater Company

We created Zoukak in 2006 from a need to develop a professional continuity for our theater practice, a belief in this practice as a political and social involvement and a faith in collectivity as a position against marginalizing systems. The way we position ourselves outside the dominating political and social discourses in our context defines our political involvement as artists. An involvement that we strive to push beyond discourse through practical action within communities.

Organization Theatre Lebanon