Welcome to the ICASC directory of national and international art for social change organizations, networks, educational programs and opportunities.

This is a curated list focusing on art for social change – by no means a comprehensive community arts listing.
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Description Type Discipline Country
The Little Art

Mission: “To establish arts in Pakistan as a major facilitator for children and young people to realize and achieve their dreams; through innovative arts education projects and creative learning opportunities.”

Organization Multidisciplinary Pakistan
The LivingRoom Community Art Studio

We are a registered not for profit that provides people from all walks of life - including those members of our community who are most marginalized - with opportunities to make art and create community for NO or Low Cost in and around central Oshawa.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
The LivingRoom Community Art Studio

From About Us:

"The LivingRoom Community Art Studio is a registered not-for-profit that provides supportive opportunities for individuals and families living in and around Central Oshawa to express themselves and connect with others through experiences of art making, skill sharing and dialogue. Studio services are offered at no, or low cost in order to ensure that all members of the community - including those who are most marginalized - can take part. The studio's mission is to promote positive self-identities, strengthen and build relationships, and inspire community driven action through providing an inclusive, non-judgemental space for meaningful creative social interaction to occur."

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
The Luminary

A luminary (n.) is a leader in the field. 
The Luminary is an incubator for new ideas in the arts.

The Luminary is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit founded in 2007 as a forum for artistic research, production and presentation, conceived in response to both our immediate and international community, alongside our audiences, and in dialogue with artists.

Organization United States
The Nile Project

The Nile Project is transforming the Nile conflict by inspiring, educating, and empowering an international network of university students to cultivate the sustainability of their ecosystem. The project’s model integrates programs in music, education, dialogue, leadership, and innovation to engage students across disciplines and geographies.

Organization Music United States
The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts


The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts aids in the creation and exhibition of art by those who face barriers to artistic expression. 

The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts exists to:

  • Provide a supportive place where people with developmental disabilities can become practicing artists
  • Promote the Centre’s collective of artists 
  • Provide opportunities for the exhibition of work by artists who face barriers, including the Centre’s artists’ collective.
  • Operate a public gallery and other outreach programs that connect artists and audiences.
Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
The Northern Cultural Expressions Society

The Northern Cultural Expressions Society is a dynamic, non-profit organization committed to providing opportunities for young people to channel their energy to artistic expression, and business development. Programs are targeted at Yukon First Nation students and are open to all cultures.

Organization Visual Arts Canada
The Playhouse Theatre

The Playhouse Vision is to Create Community, Celebrate Diversity and Empower People through the Arts. The Playhouse Mission is to deliver creative, innovative and accessible Arts, Education and Peace-building Programmes that enrich the lives of the people that we serve. We have four core values: community, creativity, quality and sustainability. These values describe who we are, what we stand for and how we function.

Organization Theatre Ireland
The Power of Hope

The Power of Hope is a charitable non-profit organization that unleashes the positive potential of youth through arts-centred multicultural and intergenerational learning programs that value self-awareness, leadership, environmental stewardship, community and social change.

The Power of Hope also offers programs for youth, youth workers, artists, teachers, facilitators and team leaders. Programs focus on self expression, facilitation and creative exploration.

Organization, Training and Education Multidisciplinary Canada
The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate

The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate organises and presents socio-political, artistic, cultural as well as socially engaged and educational programmes. The organisation stimulates the development of independent sector of the contemporary art in Bulgaria, provides training in less known fields and methods in the arts, culture, social activities and practices in Bulgaria, contributes pluralism in the aesthetical and organisational forms in arts and culture in Bulgaria, develops group culture and processes, through presentation of various social topics creates environment for adequate publicity, develops critical thinking and public speaking, stimulates the development of various communities and the dialogue between them, stimulates politically-social debate.

Organization Multidisciplinary Bulgaria
The Refugee Art Project

Our organization seeks to give refugees a voice to the Australian public, through their art and self-expression.

Organization Visual Arts Australia
The Remix Project

The Remix Project was created in order to help level the playing field for young people from disadvantaged, marginalized and under served communities. Our programs and services serve youth who are trying to enter into the creative industries or further their formal education; The REMIX Project provides top-notch alternative, creative, educational programs, facilitators and facilities. Our mission is to help refine the raw talents of young people from across the GTA in order to help them find success as participants define it and on their own terms.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
The Society for the Arts in Dementia Care

The Society for the Arts in Dementia Care is built on the premise that older adults and people living with dementia have the right to dignity, to be heard and to be valued. The Society provides an interdisciplinary forum for creative expression with older adults by bringing together academic research and practical knowledge. The Society aims to disseminate knowledge and establish links with organizations with similar values worldwide, thereby improving the quality of life of older adults, especially those living with dementia.

Organization Canada
The Ste-Emilie Skillshare

The Ste-Emilie Skillshare is a community art colletive devoted to empowerment, self-determination and collective liberation. It is a collective run by and for people who are trans, two-spirit, queer, Indigenous and/or people of colour* and friends. As a collective of activists and artists, we work within an anti-oppression framework toward social and economic transformation. We share skills and resources to create art in the spirit of self-representation and revolution.

Organization Visual Arts Canada
The Theater Offensive

The Theater Offensive’s mission is to present the diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lives in art so bold it breaks through personal isolation, challenges the status quo, and builds thriving communities.

Organization Theatre United States