Welcome to the ICASC directory of national and international art for social change organizations, networks, educational programs and opportunities.

This is a curated list focusing on art for social change – by no means a comprehensive community arts listing.
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Description Type Discipline Country
Teesri Duniya Theatre

Teesri Duniya Theatre is dedicated to producing, developing and presenting socially and politically relevant theatre, based on the cultural experiences of diverse communities. Multicultural diversity, intercultural relations,relevance and compelling stories are defining features of our work. We are committed to multiethnic (as opposed to color-blind) casting.

Organization Theatre Canada

Temporary Art Review is a platform for contemporary art criticism that focuses on alternative spaces and critical exchange among disparate art communities. Temporary is an international network, highlighting both practical and theoretical discourse through reviews, interviews, essays and profiles on artist-centered spaces and projects.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
Ten Thousand Things Theatre Company

Ten Thousand Things brings award-winning, high-quality theater to people with little access to the wealth of the arts. This company invigorates ancient tales, classic stories, and contemporary plays through vital, open interactions between actors and non-traditional audiences.

Organization Theatre United States
The Alexander Soceity for Integrative Arts

The objects of the Alexander Society are: to provide arts-based educational programs to children and teens with special needs and their peers, to provide resources for people working with special needs populations, to organize workshops and special guest speakers, to produce materials such as videos and workbooks, and to promote the inclusion of people with special needs into their communities.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
The Art Hives Network

The Art Hives Network connects small and regenerative community arts studios together in order to build solidarity across geographic distances. This effort seeks to strengthen and promote the benefits of these inclusive, welcoming spaces across Canada, and throughout the world. Also known as "public homeplaces," these third spaces, create multiple opportunities for dialogue, skill sharing, and art making between people of differing socio-economic backgrounds, ages, cultures and abilities.

The model and practice of Art Hives have evolved through two decades of sustained practice research, continuous observation and adaptation, and experimentation with spaces and organizational structures led by Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos, who has developed and established six successful art hives in different locations across North America.

This initiative and website is possible thanks to the generous support of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and Concordia University.

The Art Hives Network regroups over 70 locations over the country (map) and is part of the Arts in Health Research Collective.

Interested in starting an Art Hive in your community? It's free and everyone can do it! Please download our How-to-Guide here. and contact us for a free initial individualized consulting session, or for more information about bringing the Art Hives Institute to your region:

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
The ARTS-REHAB Project

With the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, The Royal Conservatory’s Living Through the Arts Program has initiated the ARTS-REHAB Project: a multi-year initiative that examines how meaningful engagement in a creative arts program can assist rehab patients to re-enter their communities sooner and more positively than under standard treatment regimes.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
The Centre for Creative Communities

The Centre helps artists, community members and government staff to plan and design arts projects and festivals in the community. The Centre offers short courses in many aspects of cultural development as well as consultations, talks, mentorships and seminars.

Organization Multidisciplinary Australia
The Cinematheque Education Department

The Cinematheque’s Education Department offers film and media education programs and resources for youth, teachers and other community members. From intensive and engaging digital filmmaking programs to film literacy workshops and youth screenings at our theatre, we aim to foster an appreciation and passion for the art of film as well as an understanding of the impact of visual media in the world around us.

Organization Digital Media Canada
The Collectif clowns d'ailleurs et d'ici

Founded in 2002, the Collective clowns elsewhere and here encourages the promotion of a social circus, multicultural, fighting for equality and against social discrimination, which,  through artistic practice, allows the public to participate in the sustainable development of marginalized areas.

Organization Theatre France
The Confluence Project

Confluence is a donor-supported nonprofit that connects people to place through art and education. We work in collaboration with Northwest communities, tribes and celebrated artist Maya Lin to create reflective moments that can shape the future of the Columbia River system. We share stories of this river through six public art installations, educational programs, community engagement and a rich digital experience. Confluence Connects is our education initiative:

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
The CZKd

The CZKd is an independent non-profit cultural institution. We understand social responsibility as the process of creating resources for making and preserving the public good, for enabling public engagement and stimulating the political struggle for social cohesion, through intervening primarily in the fields of art, education and culture.

Organization Multidisciplinary Serbia
The Footprints Dance Project

Footprints Dance Project was established to provide high-quality opportunities in the performing arts and dance to children and youth who face economic, social, physical, and gender barriers and those who otherwise would not be able to participate.

Organization Dance Canada
The Friends of Music Society

Established in 1989, the Friends of Music Society is a non-profit organization that uses music as the basis for our partnership programs which promote rehabilitation and socialization for people with a mental illness. We feature musicians with a mental illness working and playing in partnership with other musicians from the community.

Organization Music Canada
The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

Hemi connects creative thinkers working at the intersection of artistic practice and social transformation. Our international network researches politically engaged performance through gatherings, publications, and digital platforms, creating new avenues for thought and action.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
The KAKO Foundation

Through the arts/music, the KAKO Foundation is dedicated to promoting peace and tolerance. It is shaped in the belief that art can foster self-esteem, dignity, pride, community and civic engagement. Nurturing the artistic gifts in every child is essential to breaking and ending the devastating cycle of violence, exclusion and poverty. Music as an art form has the ability to rally entire communities into creating a harmonious environment. The KAKO Foundation seeks to provide a brighter future for the youth of Haiti and the United States.

Organization Multidisciplinary Haiti