Welcome to the ICASC directory of national and international art for social change organizations, networks, educational programs and opportunities.

This is a curated list focusing on art for social change – by no means a comprehensive community arts listing.
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Description Type Discipline Country
Leave Out Violence (LOVE) New York

At LOVE U.S., youth use media arts to process their negative experiences and reach their full potential. We provide expert guidance, a safe and supportive environment, and leadership opportunities.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
Les Coups de Théâtre

Les Coups de Théâtre works to: create an environment which allows the full development of the arts for young audiences; encourage and develop artistic productions created specifically for young audiences; to produce, promote and develop productions for young audiences in Canada as well as abroad.

Organization Theatre Canada
Les Impatients

Nous offrons gratuitement des ateliers de création aux personnes ayant un problème de santé mentale. Les personnes peuvent s’inscrire à nos différents ateliers sur référence d’un professionnel de la santé.

Nos ateliers sont principalement axés sur le dessin, la peinture et la musique. Ils sont encadrés par un artiste ou un thérapeute professionnel. On y enregistre près de 450 présences par semaine. Nos ateliers sont offerts dans différents lieux à Montréal et en région, soit à Drummondville, St-Lambert et Joliette.

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Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Les Têtes de l’Art

Les Têtes de l’Art is an artistic mediation association. Its activity can be divided in two clusters : Participatory Arts Projects and Engineering/Mutualization (fostering/creating networks and relationships between cultural, social, educational and economic actors coming from the same territory).

Organization Multidisciplinary France
Los Angeles Poverty Department

LAPD animates the space with public conversations, movie screenings, revolving exhibitions, performative events, rent parties and more, all addressing issues surrounding gentrification and displacement — locally, nationally and globally.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
Lost Lyrics

Lost Lyrics believes that in order create a world you want, you must take a stand. We are a mobile and innovative learning incubator that empowers thousands of young people to create a bridge of knowledge between the streets and the classroom. We locate critical self-empowerment as an integral component to the learning experience. Students define the curriculum and create a positive and reflective self-image while having fun using arts-based tools of education.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
L’Art Rue

L’Art Rue is a Tunisian association, initiator of artistic, civic and innovative projects in public space and works in articulation with its territory. This cultural and artistic NGO was born in 2006* at the initiative of Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, dancers and choreographers, with a desire to democratise contemporary art and offer it to as large a number as possible. The street, a public space of friction and constant negotiations, was willingly chosen by L’Art Rue to sow urban as well as rural spaces with artistic proposals created in proximity with the populations. L’Art Rue association is composed of a team of passionate people stemming from different disciplines. We believe that our complementarities and our pluralistic approaches make up our strength and versatility.

Organization Multidisciplinary Tunisia

Our mission is to reduce the number of children living on the streets in Uganda, by providing them with a home, an education, and protection. M-Lisada strives to restore dignity and self-confidence through the teaching of life skills, music, and the arts, thereby improving the lives of vulnerable children, and their chances for the future.

Organization Music Uganda
Ma3mal 612-Think Factory

Since the Arab World is experiencing vast changes, Ma3mal 612-Think Factory seeks to combine film as a medium to address issues of political, social and economic rights by creating a cultural platform for artists and citizens. The platform will stimulate dialogue, debate and awareness of human rights and development issues in the Arab world.

Organization Digital Media Jordan

MABELLEarts is driven by its love of people and fascination with neglected and forgotten places. We make art and build environments that foster community regeneration and invention. We cultivate long-term relationships that reveal the transformative possibilities within each unique site, neighbourhood and community. We celebrate cultural traditions, differences and points of connection that help spark collaboration as a creative force for change. We reframe existing social and environmental conditions to make space for new ways of being together.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada

MADaboutART is a community-based organisation which aims to reduce new HIV infections in children and young people. Key aspects of our work are youth leadership development, HIV and AIDS education and community action.Our programme aims to reduce the impact of HIV on vulnerable children through a structured programme of expressional art, participatory learning and narrative therapy.

Organization Multidisciplinary South Africa
Magamba Trust

Magamba is one of Zimbabwe’s most dynamic organizations and works on the cutting edge of culture, activism and new media. The network promotes citizen journalism and alternative media, organises popular cultural events, promotes new artists and pioneers creative youth activism. Magamba’s vision is a free and just Zimbabwe.

Organization Multidisciplinary Zimbabwe
Magpie's Nest Community Art Space

Our purpose is to create a safe, public home space that brings together community members regardless of their age, ethnicity or gender, to express themselves through creative avenues. To do this we offer an affordable and accessible art studio. We engage community members by inviting them to make art, to create in collaboration with their neighbours, and to contribute their own ideas and expertise through skill sharing. We believe art making inherently transcends our differences and brings people together.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Youth and Arts

MCG Youth & Arts’ mission is to educate and inspire urban youth through the arts.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
Manifesto Community Projects

Manifesto is a non-profit, youth-powered platform designed to put local artists on the map and unite, inspire and empower diverse communities of young people through arts and culture, year-round.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada