Welcome to the ICASC directory of national and international art for social change organizations, networks, educational programs and opportunities.

This is a curated list focusing on art for social change – by no means a comprehensive community arts listing.
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Description Type Discipline Country
Kibera Community Youth Programme (KCYP)

KCYP is a unique, community-based organization formed and run by young people in the Kibera slum, Nairobi. Their programs include: youth development and empowerment; reproductive health; arts for development and social change; and, environment and sanitation.

Organization Multidisciplinary Kenya
Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

Putting Disability Arts on the BC cultural map

In 1997, a small group of artists and advocates with disabilities got together in Vancouver to talk about bringing disability arts to British Columbia. Key among them were filmmaker Bonnie Sherr Klein and disability activist Catherine Frazee. Inspired by a growing international disability arts movement, and by Canadian disability activist Catherine Frazee’s urging to find “both pleasure and politics in disability culture.” Among those gathered were two artists whose lives already exemplified that call – filmmaker Bonnie Klein, and sculptor/dancer Geoffrey McMurchy. As Bonnie Klein put it: “Living with disability is an art. Our various and unique disabilities compel us to create innovative paths around obstacles. In both content and form, we are taking risks that only we can take.”

They continued to meet, and by 1998, the first disability arts organization in Canada was born. Registered as the Society for Disability Arts and Culture (S4DAC), the nonprofit society’s goals were simple, but not easy: to support and promote artists with disabilities and to present disability arts festivals to BC audiences. The fledgling group pledged to present “authentic non-sentimental expressions of the disability experience,” to include all artistic disciplines, and to welcome all disabilities. People with disabilities were to comprise at least 50 percent of the board of directors. These have remained the organization’s guiding goals and principles through almost 20 years of building disability arts in Canada.


Kickstart’s mission is to produce and present works by artists with disabilities and to promote artistic excellence among artists with disabilities working in a variety of disciplines.


Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture (formerly the Society for Disability Arts and Culture) was incorporated November 1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our objectives are:

to encourage and support artists to create and present authentic interpretations of the disability experience;

to provide opportunities for the development and advancement of artists with disabilities; and

to promote practices that will make the arts more accessible to all members of the Canadian public.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Konbit Mizik

Konbit Mizik uses music to engage Haiti's youth in grassroots organizing, community service, education and development. We accomplish our mission by breaking it into 3 parts:

  1.  to provide free production, video, and career management services to local, underground musical artists in Haiti
  2.  to provide educational and vocational training workshops and lectures on professional skills, life skills, music, and academics
  3.  to mobilize communities throughout Haiti with collective action to address local problems and uplift those least fortunate


Organization Music United States
Kurruru Youth Performing Arts

Kurruru Youth Performing Arts Inc (Kurruru) is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth performing arts program. It is committed to supporting the ongoing maintenance of culture, community and identity through the provision of quality performing arts opportunities for children, young people and their communities.

Organization Theatre Australia
La Colmena Art Hive

La Colmena Art Hive is an emerging art centre project in Winnipeg where art becomes a vehicle of expression for everyone, recognizing that art is a human activity (not only the domain of professional artists). ​La Colmena is looking for a space, ideally a two storey building with community garden and kitchen with walls where a gallery can run. La Colmena includes seniors, youth, children and people of all races and creeds as well as people with disabilities accessing community grass root creative knowledge. 

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
La Esquina Radio

La Esquina Radio's mission is to be a community radio station that promotes democracy, peace and community participation among the citizens of Medellin, with criteria of equity, inclusion and solidarity. As a public servant telecommunications guarantees the right to information and communication of the inhabitants of this city.

Organization Music Colombia
La Place Commune

Mission and History

In an essentially ecological and solidarity approach, we will participate to the socioeconomical and communitarian development of the neighbourhood Parc Extension in Montreal through an ensemble of activities linked to food and agriculture. Our collective project will encourage the involvement of members and of the local population for a better urban food autonomy, to support our collective competence to act and to value the local ressources, knowledge and talents.

Mission et Historique

Dans une démarche essentiellement écologique et solidaire, nous participerons au développement socioéconomique et communautaire du quartier Parc-Extension à Montréal par la coordination d’un ensemble d’activités et de services relatifs à l’alimentation et l’agriculture. Notre projet collectif favorisera l’implication des membres et de la population locale pour une plus grande autonomie alimentaire urbaine, pour soutenir notre pouvoir-agir collectif et pour une valorisation des ressources, des connaissances et des talents locaux.

Facebook page

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
La Ruche d'Art St-Henri

La Ruche d'Art is a free community art studio and science shop- open to everyone! Its mission is to make art more accessible, strengthen links between community members and celebrate diversity, through dialogue, art making and gardening.

Facebook page

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
La Ruche d'Art St-James Art Hive

We're an open & inclusive space in downtown Montreal welcoming all who hope to make a difference in the world through exploring their creativity.

Organization Visual Arts Canada
La Tarumba

La Tarumba was created in 1984 from the study and practice of performing arts. We were shaping and consolidating an Artistic-Educational project that was pioneering and inspiring, inclusive and democratic; involving Peruvian identity in all its dimensions, and in turn, universal and contemporary themes. With "art" it is possible to test the destination we want to build, we can prefigure the person, the country, the world we want to "transform". Its role is and will be to clarify and illuminate our individual or collective experiences; present, past and future.

Organization Multidisciplinary Peru
Lakehead University

Lakehead University offers an Undergraduate Program in Media Studies at their Orillia campus with a unique focus on topics of social change. 

Training and Education Multidisciplinary Digital Media Canada
Laughing Like Crazy

Laughing Like Crazy aims to empower participants and audiences alike, breakdown isolation and anxiety, build self-esteem, and challenge stigma. Looking at difficult issues through the lens of humour provides an empowering perspective on mental health issues, builds confidence, and improves communication. Our problems are transformed into humour — we're laughing, so you can too. There's no point being sane unless you're laughing like crazy!

Organization Theatre Canada
Laundromat Project

We amplify the creativity that already exists within communities by using arts and culture to build community networks, solve problems, and enhance our sense of ownership in the places where we live, work, and grow.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
Le Milieu


A cooperatively run art studio and café located in Montréal's Centre-Sud neighborhood that invites everyone and anyone to create, facilitate, and/or admire art as an active participant in their community. 

Our studio is open to all, filled with heaps of second-hand art suppliesavailable on a pay-what-you-can basis. Visitors bring their own creative projects to work on during open studio hours or come for skillshare workshops and events lead by fellow community members.

Our café serves affordable, fair-trade and organic drinks as well as homemade vegan fare using local and organic ingredients. We cater too!

Our shop offers second-hand art supplies alongside locally-made arts and crafts created and curated by co-op volunteers and members.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Leave Out Violence (LOVE)

Since 1993, Leave Out Violence (LOVE) has helped youth challenged by the many forms of violence to build the skills and confidence necessary to change their lives and communities. LOVE was founded on the belief that youth challenged by violence can be agents of change, capable of transforming their own lives, investing themselves in their communities, and making the world a safer place. Leave Out Violence (LOVE) was founded in Montreal, and now has grown across Canada, with programs in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada