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Enmedio means “in the midst of…”, and that’s where we are: in the midst of everything. In the midst of art, social activism, in the midst of the media. We’re in the midst of the crisis, and we seem likely to remain here for quite a while. As they say, the crisis is here to stay. But that doesn’t scare us, because we’re here to stay too. What about you?

Organization Multidisciplinary Spain
Epic Arts Cambodia

During the last 10 years we have seen Epic Arts grow from a few workshops in Phnom Penh, to the opening of Epic Arts Cafe' in Kampot in 2006, right through to the construction of our purpose built fully accessible Arts Centre in 2009. We have been lucky enough to see the results of this hard work as many of the graduates from our early projects now work for Epic Arts as staff and act as advocates for many young disabled people in Cambodia.

Organization Multidisciplinary Cambodia
Epic Arts China

Epic Arts has been working in China since 2001 although we do not have a permanent office in the country. Epic Arts’ first project was in China, in an orphanage in Nanning, where we choreographed an integrated dance piece with the children.  Since then we have worked regularly in a number of provinces and cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.

Organization Multidisciplinary China
Epic Arts UK

Epic Arts has been designing and delivering arts programmes in the UK since 2003, mainly in London, where we have our registered office. Our work promotes creativity, inclusion and aspiration, and helps people to see abilities rather than disabilities. Our projects take place in community settings, schools, hospitals, hospices, anywhere suitable for the art, drama, music, film-making and other art-forms that we explore with our project participants.

Organization Multidisciplinary United Kingdom

Exeko is an agency for social innovation, based in Montreal since 2006. We use creativity – art and philosophy – to promote social inclusion for the people experiencing or at risk of exclusion. Above all else, our approach recognizes that everyone has the potential to reflect, analyze, act, create, and to become an integral part of society, irrespective of their social status or life course: we presume equality of intelligence.

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Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Expressive Arts Ireland

Expressive Arts is founded on the premise that everyone is capable of making meaningful art and that the process and/or product is always helpful to the client. Expressive Arts Ireland works in a four main areas: Therapy, Education, Social Change, Performance and Community Arts.

Organization Multidisciplinary Ireland
Extant Jesters

We work like the jester. We use wit, candour and creativity to entertain, provoke and inspire. We bring theatre to those who may not otherwise appreciate or have access to it, nor recognize the ways in which theatre, stories and the actor's tool box can prove relevant and applicable to their every day lives.

Organization Theatre Canada
Fairytale Presentation Society

Fairy Tales Presentation Society is a not-for-profit, charitable organization located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We celebrate local and national queer artists and share diverse stories based in film. Our artistic endeavors strive to provide a safe and respectful venue for members of all communities to celebrate queer culture across the LGBTTQA spectrum, as well as including those who subscribe to culturally, politically, artistically, and otherwise alternative and innovative ways of contributing to society.

Organization Visual Arts Digital Media Canada
Far from the Heart

Far From The Heart engages and educates teens through improvisational theatre to prevent dating violence and sexual assault and create safe relationships.

Organization Theatre Canada
Fire Station Arts

Over the years the Fire Station has commissioned a significant number of groundbreaking socially engaged and public art projects. Our commitment to the area of arts and disability remains as we seek news ways to support the professional development of visual artists with disabilities. We continue to build on our connections internationally through this commissioning programme, as well as remain committed to stimulating critique and debate around these areas of practice through publications, talks and seminars.

Organization Multidisciplinary Ireland
Firefly International

We support locally-led projects in Bosnia and Palestine that create safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for young people to learn, thrive and grow. Through artistic and educational programmes, our partners, Svitac and Project Hope, provide young people with opportunities and support to develop their skills, confidence and networks, improving prospects for brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

Organization Multidisciplinary United Kingdom
First Exposures

First Exposures is a San Francisco-based, nationally recognized youth mentoring program that strives to make a major long-term difference in the lives of high-need, underserved San Francisco Bay Area youth by providing a venue for them to enhance their self-confidence, develop their creativity, and gain a passion for learning. Cited as a model program by the State of California, First Exposures serves youth 11-18, who are referred to the program by a wide range of youth and social services organizations with which First Exposures partners.

Organization Visual Arts United States

Formaat is an organization dedicated todisadvantaged and vulnerable people, people who find it difficult to stand up for themselves and to participate in society. Our product is theater, and through Participatory Drama techniques we want to give people the chance to develop strategies for life, and to rehearse for reality with each other in dialogue on an equal level. In addition to our activities, we believe it is important to share our methods, knowledge and experience with others. Therefore Formaat is also a Knowledge Centre which includes training in Participatory Drama.

Organization Theatre Netherlands

Fotosynthesis uses participatory photography and research to support social cohesion and give a voice to individuals and communities in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Organization Visual Arts United Kingdom

Based on the belief that creative expression fuels social justice movements, freeDimensional works with the global arts community to identify and redistribute resources, and support meaningful relationships between art spaces and activists. freeDimensional aims to engage with and foster solidarity among marginalized groups, including LGBT communities, people experiencing economic oppression, people with disabilities, migrants, and young people. freeDimensional is also committed to promoting long-term economic and environmental sustainability within its network of art spaces and human rights organizations

Organization Multidisciplinary United States