Theatre for Living (formerly Headlines Theatre)

Theatre for Living (formerly Headlines Theatre), directed by David Diamond, uses THEATRE FOR LIVING to help living communities tell their stories. THEATRE FOR LIVING has evolved from Augusto Boal's "Theatre of the Oppressed". Since 1989 Theatre for Living work has slowly moved away from the binary language and model of "oppressor/oppressed" and now approaches community-based cultural work from a systems-based perspective; understanding that a community is a complexly integrated, living organism.

Theatre for Living also offers annual summer training workshops: 

Level One

6 days, 8 hours/day. 30 participants maximum

This initial level of training will delve into Group Building, Image Theatre, and Rainbow of Desire. We will also prepare short plays for a non-public Forum Theatre event.

Level Two

6 days, 8 hours/day. 30 participants maximum

Prerequisite: Theatre for Living Level 1

Level 2 focuses primarily on Forum Theatre and Joking. Participants will facilitate games, explore Cops in the Head, image animations and Joke Forum Theatre with feedback.

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Training and Education
323 - 350 East 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T 4R8