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ArcheDream for Humankind

ArcheDream for HUMANKIND has performed shows and taught workshops to thousands of adults and children across the world, seeking to influence its audience to think beyond their means. ArcheDream for Humankind uses Archetypes- which are universal thoughts, ideas or emotions, in their performances to reach audiences across the globe.

Organization Theatre United States
Arctic Foxy

FOXY (Fostering Open eXpression among Youth) introduces a new way of talking with young women about sexual health, sexuality, and relationships to schools and youth groups throughout the NWT. By enabling self-expression through theatre, storytelling, and other arts, FOXY helps to build greater self-confidence for making healthy life choices.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Arena y Esteras

Arena y Esteras is an organization of artists, educators and leaders committed to our community. We propose a way of being and doing art that contributes to human development and social transformation. By using theater, circus, music, dance and visual arts we assume the creative capacity of people as an artistic strategy that enables the ability to live, to be resilient and synergistic.


Organization Multidisciplinary Peru
arepp: Theatre for Life

arepp:Theatre for Life's mission is to produce travelling applied theatre presentations in schools, providing interactive, social life-skills education to school-going youth, to develop self-efficacy and resilience in relation to sexuality and relationships, and the attendant attitudes, behaviours, values and views that are inherent therein.

Organization Theatre South Africa

Our mission is to promote cultural, artistic and academic development of children and young people through music and social education, thereby improving their life prospects and fostering social integration.

Organization Music Peru
Art Can Heal Montreal (ACHM)

As a community hub for people living with cancer, their loved ones, and their health practitioners, ACHM facilitates art-making on a personal, collective and community level. We organize and curate open exhibits, as well as art-based supportive spaces and other wellbeing projects. We are also involved in several research studies to better understand how creative processes and supportive spaces benefit those affected by cancer. In addition, members of ACHM are developing a blog sharing treatment-friendly recipes and a variety of artworks made by patients and supporters. Art exhibits, research, presentations, and an online presence provide an empowering opportunity for our patients to share aspects of their journey. The larger community, in turn, has an opportunity to witness and better understand patient experiences.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Art City

Art City is a not-for-profit community art centre dedicated to providing people of all ages with high-quality art programming, free-of-charge. Art City’s primary goal is to provide the opportunity and a safe environment for anyone who wishes to express him or herself creatively.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Art Entr'Elles

À la suite d’« Agir par l'imaginaire », un projet d’art communautaire initié en 2007 par la Société Elizabeth Fry du Québec en partenariat avec Engrenage Noir / LEVIER, des femmes ayant participé à ce projet, décidèrent à leur sortie de prison, de poursuivre l'exploration artistique. De cette volonté est née, en septembre 2009, le collectif Art Entr'Elles, enregistré comme un organisme à but non lucratif depuis 2011.

Depuis sa création, Art Entr’Elles a réalisé sept projets artistiques qui traitent de problématiques en lien avec l’incarcération, notamment la pauvreté systémique et la réintégration sociale des femmes judiciarisées dans la communauté. Il utilise l’art communautaire comme méthode de création qui réunit des artistes professionnels et des artistes communautaires (les femmes judiciarisées), dans un processus artistique collaboratif non hiérarchique.

Art Entr’Elles se définit comme un collectif de femmes artistes qui disent NON à la pauvreté, à la violence et à l’intolérance. Il encourage les réflexions critiques, favorise l’exploration et l’expression sociopolitique de ses membres et du public.

“Agir par l’imaginaire” is a community art project initiated in 2007 by the Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec in partnership with Engrenage Noir / LEVIER. A small group of women who participated in this project - and wished to pursue their artistic exploration -  founded in 2009 an art collective named Art Entr'Elles (registered as a non-profit organization since 2011).

Since its inception, Art Entr'Elles has carried out seven artistic projects that address the issues around incarceration of women, such as systemic poverty and social reintegration challenges. The collective uses community arts as a way to brings together professional and community artists (women with the living experience), in a non-hierarchical collaborative artistic process.

Art Entr'Elles is defined as a collective of women artists who say NO to poverty, violence and intolerance. It encourages critical reflection, creative exploration and sociopolitical expression of its members and the public.

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Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Art for Humanity

Art for Humanity is an organisation which engages with cultural production, specifically in the visual arts, to promote human rights awareness regionally and globally. The organisation focuses on the creation of fine art print portfolios, in collaboration with the participating artists, poets, endorsers, exhibitions, publications, billboards and research projects which advocate various human rights issues in South Africa, across Africa and internationally.

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Organization Visual Arts South Africa
Art for Impact

Art for Impact celebrates arts capacity for social change. Our organization focuses on the following five objectives:

Building communities
Making connections
Raising awareness through dialogue
Motivating positive action and change
Encouraging personal growth

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Art for the Sky

Art For the Sky is a unique, team building activity for schools and special events that helps dissolve boundaries that often exist in our daily lives. These enchanting creations are a whole-body way of stimulating our imagination to see the elusive "big picture" and help us understand our interconnection with one another and all life.

Organization Visual Arts United States
Art Forms Hamilton

Art Forms is a youth arts organization designed to provide art-making opportunities to youth who are "on the fringe." We believe in the transformative power of the arts, especially for marginalized groups. Our space on James Street North is perfectly poised to attract a wide variety of groups since we are located in the heart of Hamilton’s art district, which also houses a handful of youth services. Art Forms has one staff, a steering committee who provides governance, and several community and program partners who contribute in different ways.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Art Heals program, Two Rivers Gallery

Art Heals is a Two Rivers Gallery program that has a history of over 10 years. Through this program, an artist works with University Hospital of Northern BC clients in the pediatric unit, adolescent psychiatric assessment unit, youth detox, adult psych and adult detox once or twice each week throughout the year. Each session is a hands on studio art activity aimed at engaging the clients and giving them an opportunity to express themselves through art.

Organization Visual Arts Canada
Art Programs at Phoenix Youth

Art programs, such as Le@p, that give youth opportunities to create, showcase their talent, and help them grow. Youth develop the skills they need to become self-reliant, confident adults. Focuses include: therapeutic recreation activities like kayaking and camping, creative programming like art, potter, theatre, music and singing, leadership development.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Art Starts

Art Starts inspires long-term social change in Toronto’s under-served neighbourhoods. We use the arts to engage residents, collectively work to overcome challenges and create a shared sense of identity. Our collaborative approach to art-making celebrates communities, nurtures resiliency, cultivates life skills and inspires personal growth.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada