Ptarmigan Music and Theatre Society

Ptarmigan Music And Theatre Society is a charitable arts organization with 25 years’ experience carrying out community arts outreach programs, workshops and events.  It exists to provide high caliber arts education and artistic opportunities, directly and indirectly, to underserved populations.  Our workshops and programs have consistently received a positive response from community members who say they provide them with social and cultural connection, physical, mental and emotional activity, and a sense of identity and meaning. Our programming increases the range of artistic and creative activities that exist in underserved communities like Pender Island and other Gulf Islands, and help all members of our community to live happier, more creative and more connected lives.

Purpose: To provide artistic and creative opportunities to underserved communities

Participants: Ages 3-103, focusing on the residents of Pender Island and the other Gulf Islands

Partners: Pender Island Health Care Society, Epicentre Family Co-operative, SD 64 Gulf Islands School Board, Wildwood Artists Retreat, Cool Aid Society 

12-4301 Bedwell Harbour Road
Pender Island, BC V0N2m1