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Carclew is South Australia’s only multi-art form and cultural organisation dedicated to artistic outcomes by and for people aged 26 and under. It provides young people with opportunities to try different art forms, supports emerging artists to develop their craft and advocates for youth arts practice.

Organization Multidisciplinary Australia
Cardboard Citizen

Cardboard Citizens tells stories that need to be told, through theatre performed on the stage, in the street, in hostels, centres and prisons.

Organization Theatre United Kingdom
Catalyst Centre

Catalyst Centre works toward promoting cultures of learning for social change. We work with diverse communities, groups, and organizations to provide workshops, training, and planning, as well as, supports to community projects.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Center for Artistic Activism

The Center for Artistic Activism is a place to explore, analyze, and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practice. Creative activism is more than just an innovative tactic, it is an entire approach: a perspective, a practice, a philosophy. Our goal is to make more creative activists and more effective artists. We aim to win.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
Centre 3: For Print and Media Arts

Centre[3]'s community arts vision is to connect and collaborate with local community groups and organizations via creative experience. Through the production and presentation of community-engaged, process-driven artistic work, artists and community members work together to express their unique identities.

Organization Visual Arts Canada
Centre for Art Tapes

"The Centre for Art Tapes is a not for profit artist-run, charitable, organization that facilitates and supports artists at all levels working with electronic media including video, audio, and new media. We provide services to a diverse membership, and the general public, that include production facilities, ongoing exhibitions and screenings. As well we provide programs that offer, through training and in-house residencies, opportunities for individuals to critically engage with cultural and social issues. The Centre is a creative environment for individuals as well as groups to pursue independent work at the highest levels of artistic practice. The Centre is designed to provide artists with access to a broad range of production facilities and foster training and mentoring programs for members of the community..."


Organization Digital Media Canada
Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD)

The Centre for Community Cultural Development was founded in 2004, and its goal and mission are to promote and practice community cultural development, i.e. cultural activities that empower the underprivileged in particular persons with disabilities, migrant workers and ethnic minorities and will uphold diversity in cultural development in the face of the onslaught of the homogenizing force of globalization.

Organization Multidisciplinary Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Centre for Playback Theatre

The Centre for Playback Theatre offers training courses in Playback Theatre, promotes multi-community projects, and provides administrative support to Playback Theatre companies. Its purpose is also to promote Playback Theatre throughout the world.

Organization Theatre United States
Charnwood Arts

Charnwood Arts is committed to developing participation in the arts and media in Charnwood and the East Midlands, UK. Our aim is to creatively engage with any art form or media approach towards creating collective outcomes which give expression to the unique voices of the individual, the group or community with which we are engaged.

Organization Multidisciplinary United Kingdom
Check Your Head

Check Your Head is a Vancouver-based, youth-driven organization that educates young people on global issues by looking at the connection between global events and issues and local realities. Check Your Head provides education, resources, training and support for youth, who then facilitate workshops, organize events and coordinate projects promoting education and action around issues of globalization and social justice. The organization also provides a forum where youth can learn about ideas and debate issues like sweatshops, international trade and corporate power and responsibility.

Organization Multidisciplinary Canada
Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education

CAPE works toward a future in which young people are empowered, through education and the arts, to fully realize their academic, creative and personal potential.

Organization Multidisciplinary United States
Chicken & Egg Pictures

Chicken & Egg Pictures supports women non-fiction filmmakers whose artful and innovative storytelling catalyzes social change. Chicken & Egg Pictures envisions a world in which women non-fiction filmmakers, representing a range of diverse experiences and backgrounds, are fully supported to realize their artistic goals and vision, build sustainable careers, and achieve parity in all areas of the film industry.

Organization Digital Media United States
Chickenshed Theatre

Our work uses the stage to celebrate diversity and performance as a vehicle to tackle topical social issues. We regularly present original and entertaining productions for young children, families and adults that showcase talent. We also create new work, inspired by the people around us, about personal and social issues that affect society today which we then take on tour to theatres, community centres and schools across the UK.

Organization Theatre United Kingdom
Children's Peace Theatre

The mandate of the Children's Peace Theatre (CPT) is to create a culture of peace by engaging children and youth through the practice of theatre and art. Our vision is to nurture an ever- expanding circle of young people in mentorship with elders, diverse artists and communities to create, perform and exhibit art about issues that impact their lives.

Organization Theatre Canada
Chol Theatre

The aim of Chol Theatre is to create arts and culture projects that challenge discrimination and explore the positive values of diversity within society. Our artistic programme is driven by our desire to involve people in making art that responds to identity and locality. We create contemporary work that explores people’s responses to where they live, to cultural works and creates opportunities people may not have previously encountered. In particular we look at hidden stories, empowering ordinary people through the experience of making theatre, connecting people from different areas and different backgrounds to each other.

Organization Theatre United Kingdom