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Creative Publics
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Visual, creative and peer-to-peer voter engagement

Voter turnout has steadily declined at all levels of government in Canada over the past two decades for many reasons. While not apathetic, an increasing number of young Canadians are less likely to vote or be members of political parties. In 2012, Elections Canada reported that there is a strong need to “reinvigorate civic life by finding ways to make politics more relevant”. 

We start from the assumptions that electoral politics can sometimes be a weird thing to talk about. It can be confusing and a bit boring.  Intimidating and confrontational. And that's assuming you have the time, energy and network to engage in political conversations in the first place. 

Based on this assumption, we want to offer a more appealing and accessible invitation into challenging discussions. By facilitating public art-making workshops inspired by the election, Creative Publics opens up new spaces for political expression where ideas and perspectives can be explored through a creative, tactile activity.   

We are non-partisian and not affiliated with any political party.