Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

The goal of our research area is to foster a strong network of teachers and learners of Art for Social Change (ASC) in Canada.  To do so, our Teaching and Learning team is mapping, theorizing, and piloting approaches to training practitioners for community-engaged and arts-based change work.

To help support ASC teaching and learning in locations where access to ASC training is limited, we are piloting a local/regional ASC learning institute in Lethbridge, AB called ARTogether ACTogether. At our inaugural event, we heard from 30 changemakers of all ages – workers in dance, theatre, visual arts, indigenous arts, immigrant services, inclusion self-advocates, human rights, educators, and LGBT activists. ARTogether ACTogether envisions a lively and informed local community of practice, in dialogue with national and international ASC resources and people.

Finally, in order to support the sustainability and growth of ASC, our team is developing a more complete picture of teaching and learning in Arts for Social Change in Canada.  We are analyzing twenty in-depth interviews with long-time practitioner-pedagogues across Canada (four of which are the case studies within the ASC! Research project).  These interviews are supported with relevant literature and highlight how policy, and institutional structures provide offer support and challenges for teaching and learning in ASC. Further, we review and offer theoretical support to the pedagogical approaches – in particular, mentorship approaches, curriculum content, and evaluation techniques.  This analytical work will help support current best practices, but can also point to new contexts in which training can occur, and methods that potentially suit such contexts.

By identifying existing opportunities for learning, by considering ways in which current pedagogical approaches may both serve and limit the field, and by supporting research into new ASC teaching and learning alternatives, the team will make contributions to long term sustainability and quality work in Art for Social Change in Canada.


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