Knowledge Mobilisation

Knowledge Mobilisation


Knowledge mobilisation efforts are directed by the ASC! SOUL (Sharing Our Understanding and Learning) Pod. 

Since effective knowledge mobilization is central to realizing the impact of arts for social change across Canada, the SOUL pod is committed to leading a collective knowledge mobilization process with all ASC! research team members designing resources for sharing research outcomes. We seek to communicate with multiple audiences using diverse, and where possible, artful delivery platforms. 

Knowledge dissemination can include: articles in academic and non-academic journals, performances, colloquiums, reports, found poetry, podcasts, websites, videos, storytelling, courses, conference presentations, cartoons, art exhibits, documentaries, conferences, information meetings, brochures, posters, discussion groups, and blogs. 

The SOUL pod also engages in internal knowledge mobilization across the national ASC! team, to ensure ongoing education, training, and knowledge exchange. The geographical diffusion of the ASC! team provides unique opportunities and challenges.

Work conducted within the SOUL Pod is directed by the research of two Co-investigators:
Dr. Katherine Boydell of Black Dog Institute, UNSW, Sydney Australia and SickKids Learning Institute, Toronto
Dr. Lynn Fels, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

The SOUL Pod team includes researchers Shira Taylor (SickKids Learning Institute) and Dr. Patti Fraser (Simon Fraser University).  

SOUL pod activities include:

  • A Collaboration Study to document the ASC! Project’s national research collaboration process and to identify team challenges and triumphs by examining collaboration activities and perspectives of members of the research team.
  • An exploration of Found Poetry as an alternative and artful form of knowledge mobilization to disseminate research findings
  • A series of indepth conversations and interviews with senior artists reflecting on their art for social change practice. See Artists Speak (What Matters)
  • An online journal article: P. Fraser & F. Harrison, (2016). Art For? A conversation with Steven Hill. Art/Research International: A transdisciplinary journal. Ed. Conrad & Leavy, University of Alberta, Edmonton. Alberta
  • A conference presentation in New York City: Creative Liberation: Arts for Social Change. Performing the World 2016 Conference, Performing to Power. Sept 23-25, New York, New York, USA.

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