Why art for social change?

“Art bridges the silos that separate us as we confront today’s pressing issues. Art creates new visions and engagement, connecting the head and the heart.”
Judith Marcuse

A growing number of artists, working with diverse communities around the world, are creating positive and profound social change through the process of art-making, helping to create insight, social cohesion, political engagement…and hope.

Employing a multitude of innovative strategies and methodologies, the field is growing rapidly as the members of local communities, non-governmental organizations, universities, governments and other institutions recognize its potential for deep and resonant effects. Whether the work explores issues of racism, facilitates conflict-resolution, educates about HIV/AIDS, supports human rights, builds resiliency in youth, empowers marginalized communities, celebrates local histories, addresses addiction or environmental issues, or simply provides new opportunities for expression and dialogue, art processes expand and deepen our capacity for change.

Art is central in helping people to find new ways to see the world and in developing models that integrate and celebrate imaginative thinking, leading to mobilization and effective action.

Art for Social Change