Created in 1980, Judith Marcuse Projects is a not-for-profit arts company that works in the disciplines of dance, theatre, music, film and new media.

We aim to create excellent art, to nurture the voices of youth and adults on issues of relevance to our society, and to create dialogue that leads to progressive action. This three-fold mission is driven by the simple but profound idea that art is a powerful force for positively transforming lives, catalyzing social change and contributing to the development of civil society.

JMP is committed to issue-based artistic creation and to community collaboration locally, nationally and internationally. Over our long history, we have morphed from a touring repertory dance company (albeit with somewhat unusual programming), to producers of an annual multi-arts festival, to film and television production and, for the last 12 years into the present, as pioneers in various forms of art work that is designed to facilitate progressive social change.

Our recent projects, which have focused on the voices of youth, are local, national and international. In the spring of 2009, we toured our production of EARTH=home to cities across Canada. We have produced small and large-scale art projects and productions which include live performances and touring; video, film and television; workshops and animation events.

Our languages are dance, theatre, music, video and film and the visual arts. We work in Vancouver, across Canada and, periodically, outside the country. We believe that art is necessary and work to integrate art and art making into a broader community - to de-ghettoize the arts and "widen the circle". We believe that relevant, excellent art practices can be transformative tools, creating positive social change.

We work to explore issues of relevance, creating dialogue through art that is exciting, provocative and galvanizing. We are committed to playing a relevant role in the community; we seek collaboration with other artists to create a vibrant presence for the arts, combining excellence in creation with relevance to society.

JMP is partnered with Simon Fraser University to run the International Centre of Art for Social Change. The centre houses learning and dialogue programs, networking events, and research projects designed to nurture and support the growing global community of arts for social change.

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